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From Theory to Practice: Using the Communicative Language Approach in the Classroom

This course is designed to introduce teachers of English to the principles and techniques of
Communicative Language Teaching Approach. The course provides a comprehensive
understanding of CLT principles and practices, along with practical ideas and examples for
implementing CLT in the classroom.

Outline of the course

Day 1: Introduction to Communicative Language Teaching Approach


Understand the principles of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
-Learn how to implement CLT in the classroom
- Discover various activities and techniques used in CLT

Day 2:  CLT and the 4 macro skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing)


-How to approach the skills in class
- Integration of skills
-Design activities to integrate skills and produce a true communicative effect

Day 3: Assessment in Communicative Language Teaching


-Understand the principles of assessment in CLT
- Learn how to assess students' language skills in CLT
-Learn how to give feedback to students in CLT


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This course is intended for learners who want to achieve clearer, more understandable pronunciation of British English to help them communicate more easily and effectively. We are excited to have you in the class and look forward to your contributions to the learning community.

Class structure There are 6 small groups:

  1. Meet and greet: participants interact with each other through conversations.

  2. Ask and answer: Participants discuss any questions or ideas related to the course.

  3. Unit 1: Why syllables are important?

  4. Unit 2: The importance of stress and reduction

  5. Unit 3: Rhythm

  6. Unit 4: Pronunciation project

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